dolphin Show from Sharm el sheikh

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A show where you can notice the intelligence of this nice animals.


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  • transfers by A/C Van.
  • entrance fees.
  • Tour Guide.


  • Any extra expenses not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Photos with the dolphins.


our guide will meet you at the reception of your Hotel, then go by our A/C van about 20 min to dolphin show.
It is such a lovely friendly animals that paint a smile on our faces. if you go to the earlier Dolphin show, their children have the chance to play briefly with the monkey, bring them with banana to feed the monkey .
Take a seat and enjoy the fun one hour dolphin show. From its base, you can take pictures.
as far as most of us know the Dolphins in his name and distinctive shape, not as far as many of us do not know the fact that these animals charming today, that it is to discover the strangest and most fascinating than we imagine us.
Dolphins live in the water, but it mammals that give birth and nurse their children and breathe air like us, because they do not have lungs and gills like fish. So step up to the dolphins surface every now and then, breathe air through the upper slit of her body in order to achieve the air Ritha directly. The dolphins may under the surface of water is between 15 to 30 minutes, before diving to get on the air again.
Dolphin is not a type, but there are more than 40 species of dolphins, some of which live in fresh water (river water), characterized by mostly her body slim and her jaw, like a bird's beak looks like, and feed on fish and squid.
Scientific studies have shown that dolphins have the communication system has no parallel among living organisms and can dolphins by this system to communicate with each other, to the extent that scientists have discovered that dolphins Greetings supplied each other, and call each other names like people.
Dolphins are not able to solve complex problems only, but also able to to find creative and innovative solutions to the problems, Scientists discover every day that the Dolphins have the values ​​and principles such as altruism upscale.
Dolphin uses vibrations echo to identify trends, Dolphins love to play with other objects and to establish friendships, Vote dolphins are names that distinguish them..
enjoy similar to that used by ships and submarines sonar the dolphins and a radar guidance, to the danger that surrounds them determine can , and in search of food With Dolphins to end this social beings live in groups of 10 to 12 people , which , for the protection and the provision of food, and it is for these groups the values ​​and principles we started , we lose people where the rest of the women and newborns in the middle of the group for the protection, and if she is sick or injured one of the members of this group can not be alone It remains for them , until he dies. The total length of about 2.6 meters and dolphin normal weighs about 140 kg , Usually the male is slightly larger than the female Dolphin and only one lung that breathes involuntary because he spends much of his time underwater , while she is forced to refrain from breathing If sleep is working part of the brain ruled to keep breathing and remains one of the Guinean open during sleep. The pregnancy lasts 11 months, if the dolphins , dolphins and breastfeed their children full year As a rule, extremely dolphin sexual maturity after 3 or 4 years of their birth, She lives (25-30 years).
at the end of the show you can take pictures with the dolphins (with extra charge). then transfer back to your Hotel .

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