Salt Cave in Sharm el Sheikh

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magnificent chamber where the floors, walls and ceiling were created from unique salt taken from various places in the ancient Egyptian desert.the microclimate in the salt Cave has a positive influence on the human body. the air in the cave contain many valuable microelements, which will help you relax and regenerate.A stay in the salt Cave will do wonders to your nervous, respiratory and circulatory system. Your entire body will gain new strength.For centuries, only the chosen rulers could profit from the advantages provided by the unique Egyptian salt from sahara.


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salt cave is a special and unique chamber constructed inside a building its floor, walls and ceiling are made of salt from the Dead Sea . Dead sea salt creates a unique microclimate, which has a beneficial influence on your mood and health. the air in the cave contains iodine, potassium, calcium, mangnesium, iron, bromine, selenium and many other elements . light fixtures in the cave are hidden behind behind salt and minerales to help you achieve a positive feeling in your body .
A single session in the salt cave lasts 45 minuites and provides a surge of energy and revitalizes your strength, whitch is essential for maintaining good health . siwa and dead sea minerals have an extremely positive effect on the overall functioning of the of the human body. salt cave is the latest and original method of application of rock salt for relaxation, health protection, prophylactics, rehabilitation and inhalation.
A session in the Salt Cave aids the treatment of many illnesses, such as illnesses of the respiratory tract, dermatological diseases, nervous system disorders, metabolic disturbances, digestive tract problems, thyroid problems, coronary diseases and many others. Dead sea salt is rated among the most precious sources of health and beauty .
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